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Key Notes:

The real estate industry has seen a complete transformation over the past 25-30 years. This period has seen the corporatisation of the real estate business. This transformation has been triggered due to an attitudinal shift in the minds of the builders, the buyers and the sellers. The builders do not see their creations as mere profits. The buyers do not see the residences as just dwellings. The sellers do not see their properties only as an investment vehicle. Though there is an iota of this perspective, the major focus is now on value generation. What value can builder bring on the table, what value can a buyer get out of his/her property and what value can the seller generate out of the deal. This combined with the technological advancement, real estate market abroad and environmental & safety mechanisms have raised the bar of real estate industry in India.

The builders have started creating brand value for not just their company but also their projects or products. However, though most of the products offered are at par with each other, most of the buyers struggle with the questions such as –


These are typically “How” kind of questions. i.e. “How to choose a property”. But, even more important than “How” is the question of “Why”. Most of the buyers do not ask the “Why” question.
“Why should I buy a property?”
At the beginning of every house hunt or a property hunt, one needs to be very clear about his/her goals. Some of the questions that might help your property search are:


Thumb Rule in Property Investment: Never look at profit on investment based on what is the ongoing rate. Profit is measured in terms of percentage and not in rate.

Flat Investment:

If you wish to have a recurring income, investment in a flat system is the best.

Land Over Apartment:

For better returns always invest in land rather than an apartment for following reasons:


However, if you are investing in Land, get it properly fenced and make it a point to visit your land every now and then.

Home01Barren is Better:

From an investment or residential point of view barren land is always better as this land is of no use for agriculture purposes. However, once the residential properties crop-up, the water pipe-line can be acquired.

Home05Discount the Farmhouse from Investment:

The purpose of a farmhouse is to have a home away from the buzz of the city into the nature’s cuddle. It should not be viewed from an investment perspective, as there is always some discounting involved if you have to sell it. So they are not a smart investment vehicle. These are items of Luxury.

Home02Losses Not Applicable to NA:

NA Plots look expensive in the beginning, but they are the BEST investment vehicle.

Home06Breaking Distances:

Do not set a barrier to have the invested property close to your current house. You may not have enough choices within your close perimeter. Do not hesitate to expand and buy a property in the appreciation catalytic area which may be farther from your current location.

Home03Future Gold:

The golden triangle between Pune, Nashik and Mumbai are the best place to invest in. With Mumbai and Pune both becoming the commercial twins of Maharashtra, and with the completion of strong connectivity between these cities and Nashik, the golden triangle is definitely the market’s choice for a catalytic growth.

Besides this, Pirangut, Shirwal, Wagholi and Mundhawa are also sitting on the gold mine that’s going to surge.


2007 was a great year for real estate when there were investments from Private Equity. This was followed by further funding in 2008 and 2009. This has enabled tremendous growth in the industry. However, most of these investments have a horizon of up to 5 years. Hence, expect some correction at the end of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Home04Scoring against the Bull, Safer than the Bear:

Real estate scores better than the stock market, as the former is less volatile. Even if there is a correction it happens in a controlled manner.


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